Loving this one



We sure hope you like this bunch of flowers on a Roman intaglio we’ve got for you, straight from the collections of Museum of London.


They’re not quite sure what it represents: an ancient Interflora delivery man? Or possibly a Roman Morrissey (as he hasn’t got a stitch to wear)?


Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!



It’s good to be chosen…

… by


Thank you for including The Time Tribe in your Top 100 Sites/Apps for 2013.








What we’re thankful for…


The Time Tribe has been placed on SIX shortlists for holiday season reviews and 2013 Awards consideration, as reported by the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers / Navgtr!


    • Art Direction


    • Character Design


    • Control Design


    • Costume Design


    • Game Design


    • Musical Score




And happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!



The times, they are a-changin…


Version 2.0 is coming in early January, 2014. Huzzah!!


The major difference between the current live version and 2.0 is the payment system.


We’re replacing the current freemium model with a free trial + purchase. Rather than unlocking bonus quests and dialogue options piecemeal, using ingots each time,  you’ll unlock each and every quest – and all bonus story content – by purchasing the episode, once.


You’ll still receive a pack of ingots, yours to spend entirely as you choose, now that all quests and dialogue options are unlocked for you.  So start thinking about how you’ll spend your discretionary ingots!  On gameplay hints?  The perfect heraldry item for your Coat of Arms?  The latest bauble for your Chamber? Perhaps a donation to one of our fabulous  Charity Partners:  The Harry Potter Alliance or World Leadership Foundation?  The choice is yours, and we can’t wait to see what you decide!


Two options to buy Episode 1:



This is the real deal.  Unlock the full game experience and bring the world of the Time Tribe to vivid, breathing life in your  world!


You’ll get all of the Episode 1 quests and dialogue options, online or on iPad, PLUS a premium mailer packed with print documents and collectibles to pull you deep into the inner world of the characters, and the story world they inhabit.


Pore over letters, emails, and radio scripts written by Lewis, Kate, Will and Iris. Not to mention unknown people who seem to have written, well, earlier in time … Decipher cryptic journal entries, maps, and other documents that tie back into the game as you’ll experience it online. Exclusive story clues, gameplay hints, bonus virtual items for your Profile and Chamber, real world activities – they’re all here, just waiting to be discovered!


You’ll also receive a Time Tribe membership pack with deluxe wax-sealed welcome letter, real timekey with velvet storage pouch, game invitations to share with friends, a membership card, and a folder to store all of your game documents, for Episode 1 and beyond.  Plus, 80 ingots to spend however you like in the game!



Silver unlocks all of the Episode 1 quests and dialogue options, online or on iPad. Plus 30 ingots to spend as you like in the game!


Other changes afoot…

In case you missed our earlier posts on coming changes, chronos no longer restricts the number of actions you can take during a given time period (so play your hearts out).


Also, we are drafting materials to support educational use of  The Time Tribe, in traditional classrooms and beyond.


In sum:


We are very, very excited about these changes, and believe they will create a game that is simpler, more enjoyable, and more enriching to play. We know already from your feedback that many who have tried the game agree!


That’s about it for now.  Other than that we hope to see you at the Keep in 2014!




One of Scholastic’s best of 2013!


Please join our excitement at being featured in Scholastic Instructor magazine, as a Teachers’ Pick for Best Learning Resources of 2013!!


This honor has opened new avenues of communication with teachers, administrators, librarians, and IT Specialists serving Elementary through High School grades, and we are hard at work developing an educator resource pack that we plan to launch along with beta version 2.0, in mid-November.


Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!




Parents’ Choice Nod!!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Time Tribe has been named a PARENTS’ CHOICE SILVER HONOR AWARD WINNER for 2013!



Widely-viewed as the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’  for kids’ toys, games, and apps, the Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest nonprofit group dedicated to evaluating and recommending the best new products on the market.


We’re honored and delighted to be recognized as such by the Parents’ Choice Committees!


Ok, go celebrate now, fellow Tribers. That’s what we’ll be doing!





First look at iPad app!

Here it is, test-running on Karen’s iPad


Release is planned for November in conjunction with browser version 2.0, so before you know it, YOU can be playing The Time Tribe  on YOUR  iPad, picking up right where you left off playing online!


Stay tuned for official release announcement, coming soon…





The Time Tribe at BFIG 2013

Meriel and I played The Time Tribe with hundreds of BFIG (Boston Festival of Indie Games) attendees today!


Visitors to our booth ranged from eager players to interested members of the press, and other indie dev teams.


Best of all was the number of kids who parked themselves for 30 minutes or more, playing, rapt, with a queue building up behind as others waited.


Thanks again, BFIG friends – We loved meeting you all, and we hope to see you back at the Keep very soon!




Karen at BFIG with Meriel, her trusty Fest sidekick and play tester #1!





New build live tomorrow!

As many of you already know, we are busy porting our Prologue episode to iOS, and plan to release Beta version 2.0 simultaneously on browser and iPad within the next month or so.


In the meantime, we decided to share some of the improvements we’ve made to the current browser version, right now!


Here’s the lowdown on what’s new, as of tomorrow:


* By popular demand, we are removing the daily action limit formerly measured in chronos. Yay! Freedom!!


* Monthly subscriptions are gone, replaced by as-you-go ingots purchases for optional bonus quests, premium virtual goods, hints, and charitable donations.


* Real world premium game elements previously associated with subscriptions (member starter pack, timekeys, print packet with bonus story information and gameplay clues, etc) will be available for purchase in our online shop.


What stays the same in the interim version?

* All existing account information for current, active players will transfer intact


* It will still be possible to play through the whole episode for free, with the option of buying and spending ingots to unlock bonus sidequests, premium virtual goods, etc.


That’s all for now. Soon we’ll be releasing more details about what you can expect in Beta version 2.0. Hope to see at the Keep before then!



New Quests, 3D Art Preview


We’re getting really excited about the new set of  interlocking quests we’ll be releasing soon, bundled as our first

Keep Mystery!


So excited that we decided to share a sneak preview of what 3D environment artist Richard Piper has in store for you:



                Eye of Horus pendant

                           Canopic jar





















Now that you know there’s Egyptian intrigue in the plot, stay tuned for clues about the other challenges you’ll face in our very first Keep Mystery episode!